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    Diaries of Smiling Cat
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    Book Name: Diaries of Smiling Cat (23 titles)

    Author: Yang Hongying

    Publication date: 2016.03

    Price: 15.00 CNY per title

    ISBN: 978-7-5332-8243-1

    Pages: 152

    Words: 71,000

    Format: 145*187mm

    Brief Introduction of the Work: The series Diaries of Smiling Cat is one of the most successful series written by Yang Hongying. The series includes 23 volumes of fantasy stories based on the real life of Chinese children. The series adopts the form of diary writing and makes the pet cat of a girl named Du Zhenzi the narrator. The series creates a literary world combining illusion and reality where animals and children communicate with each other freely. The humorous and sentimental stories are rich in a philosophical and humane way.

    Introduction of the Author (About the Author): Yang Hongying is a genius author of super best-selling children’s books in contemporary China and the most favorite author of millions of Chinese young readers. She seeks for the communication between children and adults and advocates a healthy, harmonious and perfect childhood. Yang Hongying’s works reflect the reality of the life and psychology of contemporary Chinese children and display as well as appeal for the natural characteristics of children.