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    Collections of Patterns in China
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    出版时间:2009 年 8 月

    定价:420 元


    页码:1776 页

    成品尺寸:8 开

    内容简介:本书计四卷,共 40 万字,器物彩图 300 幅,器物图案的拓片和手工

    线描图 20900 幅,是对中国古代纹样的一次全面的总结和陈列。历史跨度从新石器时代至封建社会结束,上下 8000 年;纹样采集的范围囊括了陶瓷、青铜器、玉器、漆器、织绣和建筑装饰等。本书既是一部研究中国古代纹样的学术著作、历史全书,同时又可作为美术设计工作者的专业图库,深具资料价值。自 2009 年出版以来累计销量达 5000 套,供不应求,成为此类图书中难得一见的长销书。

    Author: Wu Shan

    Publisher: Shandong Fine Arts Publishing House Co. Ltd.

    Time of Publication:August, 2009



    Number of Pages:1776

    Book Size:8

    Brief Introduction:With a total of 4 volumes, around 400,000 Chinese characters, 300 color pictures, 20,900 rubbings and hand line drawings, the book is a comprehensive display and summary of ancient Chinese patterns. From the Neolithic to the end of feudal society, patterns of ceramics, bronzes, jade, lacquer, embroidery and architectural decoration in the 8,000 years are covered. The book is both an academic and historic study of ancient Chinese patterns and a picture bank for professional art designers. More than 5,000 sets of books have been sold, making it unusually popular.