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    The Collection of Zhang Wei (16 volumes)
    UpdateTime:2017-06-20 Source:本站

    Shandong Publishing Media Co., Ltd内容图片展示

    Author : Zhang Wei

    Publisher: Shandong Education Press Co., LTD

    Pages : 10,276

    Price :RMB 120

    ISBN : 978-7-5328-9243-3, etc.

    Publication Date : March, 2016

    Size : 170*262mm


    The Collection of Zhang Wei (Illustrated Collector's Edition) is a large set of works of the well-known author Zhang Wei. It contains a total of 16 volumes and about 5 million Chinese characters. The author chooses carefully the major works created during the past 40 years since he started his literary career. As a summary and review of the previous writings, the collection includes the most representative novels, novellas and short stories, such as The Ancient Ship, September Fable, A Book of Other Provinces, Distant Mountains and Rivers, Hedgehog Song, as well as his proses, essays, poems and so on. This series of books presents for the first time some precious manuscripts, pictures, photos, evaluated articles, etc. Its content ensures a distinctive value of edition and advantages in cultural transmission and inheritance.