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    A Critical Biography of Ji Xianlin
    UpdateTime:2017-06-20 Source:本站

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    Authors: Yu Longyu, Zhu Xuan

    Publisher: Shandong Education Press Co., LTD

    Pages : 690

    Price :RMB 158

    ISBN : 978-7-5328-9242-6

    Publication Date : July, 2016

    Size : 250*170mm


    Mr. Ji Xianlin has a profound achievement in the field of linguistics, culturology, history, Buddhism, Indology and comparative literature. He has translated many Sanskrit writings and German and English classics. In narrating Mr. Ji`s difficult education experience, academic research and amateur life, etc, this book unfolds his nearly a hundred years of life marked with ups and downs, great academic accomplishments, and romantic and colorful lifestyle. This book also highlights the spiritual journey of a centenarian and Chinese intellectual, and comments from the perspective of academic research to promote the growing study of Ji`s literary works.