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    Chinese Civil Unique Copy of Succinct New Year's Pictures
    UpdateTime:2017-06-20 Source:本站

    Shandong Publishing Media Co., Ltd内容图片展示

    Author:Ma Zhiqiang

    Publishing House: Shandong Pictorial Publishing House

    Publishing Date:2015.5                         


    ISBN 978-7-5474-1524-5



    Content in Briefs:

    The whole book has collected more than 200 Chinese civil unique copy of New Year's pictures, which fall into six catagories in terms of the subject, namly, stories of immortals and saints, Chinese operas and legends, landscapes and flowers and plants, beauties and kids, literary and historical stories and affairs in daily life. Every picture is attached with an interpretation of about 500 words, which mainly interpretates the artistic characteristics of the picture and the traditional culture reflected by the subject itself. Cultural interpretation of this picture basically includes the characters, events and its social influence, requiring the comination of the storytelling of content with the literariness of language; artistic interpretation mainly introduces the creating techniques of this picture, such as delineating, wood block for printing and coloring, and its artistic characteristics.