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    The Flavors of the World (Collected Works of Wang Zengqi)

    Author: Shandong Pictorial Publishing


    ISBN: 978-7-5474-1827-7

    Pages: 248

    Published Date: October 2016

    Title: The Flavors of the World (Collected Works of Wang Zengqi)

    Author: Wang Zengqi

    Publishing House: Shandong Pictorial Publishing House

    Publishing Date: October 2016

    Price: 38.00

    ISBN: 978-7-5474-1827-7

    Pages: 248

    Size: 160×230

    Content in Briefs:

    Wang Zengqi humbly referred himself as someone loves cooking, loves talk about eating and often wonders how to make ordinary food into refined dishes, but not a master gourmet like Zhang Daqian who is really good at eating. In his opinion, talking about eating is also an attitude towards life and an attitude towards culture. He only talked about home dishes. Fresh-picked vegetables from garden, spring Chinese leeks and autumn Chinese cabbages, fish snacks bought from the market, cooked fresh, braised bamboo shoots from temples, radish, eggs of the Dragon Boat Festival, wild vegetables from hometown... All these ordinary foods become lively in his works. He is like an old guy lives next door, rambling about details his everyday meals. You listen to him and taste the flavor of life.