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    Cai Yuanpei: An Inclusive and Respected Erudite

    Author: Zheng Liangen


    ISBN: 978-7-5333-3025-5

    Pages: 204

    Published Date: 2013.11

    Book Title (书名):兼容并蓄长者风——蔡元培

    Cai Yuanpei: An Inclusive and Respected Erudite

    Author    (作者名):Zheng Liangen (郑连根)                    

    Publisher(出版社):Qilu Press(齐鲁书社)

    Publishing Date(出版时间):2013.11



    Pages(页码):  204

    Format(成品尺寸): 16

    Content in Brief(内容简介):


    A member of the Imperial Academy of Late Qing Dynasty, a revolutionist, an educator... those different identities all belong to one person—Cai Yuanpei. The book faithfully records his life footprints, allowing readers to closely follow his interactive stories with the times.