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    Liang Qichao: A Pioneer Initiated a New Era

    Author: Yuan Yonghong , Cheng Jun


    ISBN: 978-7-5333-2818-4

    Pages: 204

    Published Date: 2014.05

    Book Title (书名):但开风气不为师——梁启超

    Liang Qichao: A Pioneer Initiated a New Era

    Author    (作者名):Yuan Yonghong (袁咏红)  Cheng Junqiang (程军强)

    Publisher(出版社):Qilu Press(齐鲁书社)

    Publishing Date(出版时间):2014.05



    Pages(页码):  204

    Format(成品尺寸): 16

    Content in Brief(内容简介):


    Liang Qichao is one of the leaders of the Hundred-Day Political Reform, a philosopher of Modern Enlightenment and a great master in the history of Chinese culture. Using vivid language and rich historical material, the book accurately sketches his life and makes a thorough study of his thoughts and academic achievements.