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    Old Photos: Vol. 110

    Author: Feng Keli


    ISBN: 978-7-5474-2061-4

    Pages: 192

    Published Date: December 2016

    Title: Old Photos: Vol. 110

    Publishing House: Shandong Pictorial Publishing House



    Content in Briefs:

    Old Photos is a series of books published in succession, and is now published bi-monthly. There are "things and scenery in old times", "celebrity's moment", "retelling old stories", "private gallery" and other sections in the series. By publishing interesting old photos accompanied with lively writing, the series adopts a unique perspective looking back over man's survival and development in the past hundred years, making it a visible and readable book of history. This edition of the series tells the past events of Ma Yuzao, Ma Heng, Ma Jian and Hu Shi of Peking University, recalls the experience of Wang Daifan, a Southwest Associated University student, from his exile to Southwest China during the war to the era after the founding of New China, and publishes a set of colored old photographs of Sun Yat-Sen to mark the 150 anniversary of the birth of Sun Yat-Sen etc.