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    Happy Chinese New Year: Activities of Spring Festival Celebration in Friendly Shandong

    Author: Zhang Shishan; Wang Jianhua


    ISBN: 978-7-89990-957-7


    Published Date: February, 2014

    Fixed Price:RMB 158.00

    Publisher: Shandong Digital Publishing Media Co.,Ltd.

    Size/Pages: CD-ROM

    The Spring Festival represents the most important traditional festival with strong distinctive Chinese features and is known and accepted by more and more people in other parts of the world. The Spring Festival is closely associated with Chinese folk customs. Shandong enjoys a longer history than any other province in China in terms of folk custom tourism. The author has investigated various Spring Festival folk custom activities in Shandong and has chosen 47 among them. That book shows how Shandong natives celebrate the Chinese New Year with pictures and detailed information. These 47 activities are held in Jinan(the capital of Shandong Province), Qingdao(a well-known coastal city), Weifang(the City of Kites), Taian(the city in which Mount Tai lies), Qufu(hometown of Confucius), and other cities and counties in Shandong. We hope that you can get a new understanding of people, culture and custom in Shandong after reading this e-book. Under the background of the Belt andRoad Initiative, friendly Shandong is always ready to communicate and cooperate with other countries and regions in the world.