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    Traditional Chinese 12 Months With Flowers and Essays

    Author: Lan Zi Qing Hui


    ISBN: 978-7-5329-5263-2


    Published Date:

    Understanding traditional Chinese will be from flowers, essays and other, which begun since “The Book of Song” by Confucius. The book is the essays with photos, under the frame of Flowers' Calendar by Cheng Yuwen, in Ming Dynasty. In spring, cherry become red and banana are green. In summer, pomegranate reflect champing sunshine and lotus unfold their glamour seedpod from flowers. In autumn, pagoda tree flower turn yellow, fragrant flowers spread the aroma, and louts are aloof and proud. In winter before the next spring, loquat bloom and pine and cypress are till green. Through season’s circulation, it painted delicately the flowers in each month. The author opened a door to natural floriculture, as well as a channel to understand the orient traditional culture. Lan Zi Qing Hui is one of the first gold medalists of Cloudary, who had issued Love is the best luxurious (Homer Publishing, on December, 2009 ) .