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    Old Photos (the luxury collections)

    Author: FengKeli


    ISBN: 978-7-547-41491-0

    Pages: 17000

    Published Date: 2015.7.1

    Shandong Publishing Media Co., Ltd内容图片展示


    Publishing House: Shandong Pictorial Publishing House

    Price: 1480.00


    Content in Briefs:

    Old Photos is a series of books published successively every two months, it issues the pictures from 20 years ago, and also attaches some graceful articles inside.containing “Old Sceneries”, “Moment of Celebrities”, “Review on Old Stories”,“Personal Photo Albums” and other columns.

    Since April 2015, Old Photos had issued it’s the hundred one. So we issued the luxury collections which made up from the first book to the 100 book. The luxury collections have 20 volumes totally, and include more than ten thousand historical photos and over one thousand relevant text messages. Old Photos (the luxury collections) are the complete record for Chinese people during these 100 years. In all, this collections have the high collectible value.