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    2016 New Delhi World Book Fair: Shandong Education Press Signed Five Copyright Licenses and Exported Books to India
    UpdateTime:2017-06-20 Source:本站

    Shandong Publishing Media Co., Ltd内容图片展示

    The exhibition team formed by Chen Gang, Deputy General Manager of Shandong Publishing and Media Inc., Hu Changqing, President of Shandong People Press, Liu Dongjie, President of Shandong Education Press and Zhu Li, Deputy Editor in Chief of Shandong Education Press, made gratifying achievements at “2016 New Delhi World Book Fair” in India.

    Shandong Education Press successfully signed five copyright and export contracts with the Indian PrakashanSansthan Press and Aazhi Publisher for The History of Literary Exchange between China and India (in English and Hindi), A Critical Biography of Ji Xianlin (in English, Hindi and Tamil language), etc.