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    Old Pictures. Section 106

    Author: Feng Keli


    ISBN: 978-7-5474-1794-2

    Pages: 192

    Published Date: 2016.4

    Title: Old Pictures. Section 106

    Author:Feng Keli

    Publishing House: Shandong Pictorial Publishing House

    Publishing Date: 2016.4

    Price: 20.00

    ISBN: 978-7-5474-1794-2

    Pages: 192

    Size: 140×203

    Content in Briefs:

    Old Pictures is a book series which is published successively. One volume of the Old Pictures will be published per two months. It provides many columns including “Previous Scenery”, “A Moment Related to The Famous Person”, “Review the Old Things” and “Personal Photo Album” and so on. The Old Pictures looks back the existence and development of the human being over the years from the unique perspective through publishing some interesting photos accompanied by some lively words, so the readers are worth looking at and reading it. This volume of Old Pictures shows the image history of Chinese Aluminum Rolling Mills which is a foreign company located in Shanghai, tells the hard experience of Zhang Minzhi, Wang Peiwu and their sons and daughters after leaving the mainland, looks back the past of the military officer of the Chinese People’s war of resistance against a aggressor Wang Dazhong and publishes old photos about rescuing the prisoners of war by the allied armies.