• In order to speed up the pace of cultural mechanism reform and promote the development of Shandong cultural industry, Shandong Publishing&Media Co., Ltd. completed the overall reorganization under an absolute controlling shareholding of Shandong Publishing Group Co., Ltd. and co-sponsored by the Group's Shandong Xindi Investment Co., Ltd. on December 28th, 2011. In  April of 2013, in accordance with the requirements of  diversification of listed companies, the company completed the capital increase with the shareholding introduction of China Cultural Industry Investment Fund, China Cinda Asset Management Co., Ltd. and China Education Publishing&Media Group Co., Ltd. and other six strategic investors.

    Since the founding of the company, insisting on expanding to be an outstanding modern publishing operations, Shandong Publishing&Media Co., Ltd. has vigorously developed various branches of digital publishing, copyright trade, online education and other emerging formats, reaching an independent entity of owning a compiling, printing, issuing and supplying process for a complete chain of publishing industry. After the integration development between traditional publishing and emerging publishing views, it has stood out on the forefront of domestic state-owned backbones of media publishing business.

    The company manages ten publishing houses, including two top-grade publishing houses, three periodical presses, Shandong Xinhua Bookstore Group (including branches of 125 cities and counties), four printing enterprises, one printing materials company, one logistics company and other 24 wholly-owned subsidiaries. The total number of employees Exceeds 10 thousand.

    The company has always been adhering to the purpose of setting the first place of social benefits so as to achieve a unity of social and economic benefits. Around the belief of building a high-quality listing platform and the listing requirements of "operational norms, excellent performance, industry leader" , the company is committed to expanding the market, enhancing its performance and developing a strategic industrial cooperation, which is actively promoting the listing declaration work, and striving to become the first IPO in Shandong state-owned cultural enterprises.

    The company has always kept a strict accordance with the "Company Law" and the regulation of corporate governance norms for listed companies, establishing and improving the corporate governance structure and internal organization, as well as enhancing the internal control system. The company has reached an efficient operating norm and a modern enterprise system with cultural characteristics has initially been established.

    In the future, the company will focus on national and provincial cultural industry developing strategy to set principles of reform, innovation, and norms as the main line, and constantly strengthen Internet thinking, integration of development thinking and the initiative benchmarking thinking. The company will vigorously implement dual product strategy, education service innovation strategy, the whole media integration development strategy, talent strategy, management efficiency strategy and two wheel drive strategy, so as to reach a rapid development of digital new media business and an integrated logistics business. The company will actively develop relevant diversified industries, and promote the main publishing industry and diversified industries. The company will reach a development transformation form which develops from investment-driven to innovation driven while upgrading from traditional format to the emerging industry so as to comprehensively enhance core competitiveness, and strive to become a highly efficient cultural industry operating platform, cultural and service platform and cultural industry investment and financing platform. What's more, it has made up its mind to become a modern cultural media enterprises and an important strategic investor with domestically and internationally renowned praise.

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