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    Shandong People’s Publishing House Has Made A Breakthrough in the influence of overseas collection——Chinese Culture Going out, Excellent Books into Collection
    UpdateTime:2017-06-19 Source:本站

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    Shandong People’s Publishing House ranks 69 with 258 kinds of world-renowned books in “The Influence Evaluation on Overseas Collection of Chinese Book”, which is jointly organized by Chinese Publishing Business Newspaper, Chinese Culture Going out Collaborative Innovation Center of Beijing Foreign Studies University, Chinese Culture Going out Evaluation Center, International Academy of Chinese culture, and China National Publications Import and Export (Group) Corporation. Through analyzing the data of overseas collection books of China in 2015—2016, the project group ranks the top 100 influential publishing houses of Chinese books in overseas collection.

    Shandong People’s Publishing House ranks 69 with 258 kinds of overseas collection books, becoming the only unit on the list of Shandong Publishing Group.

    The ranking of the influence of Chinese overseas collection books is made through strict selection from a large number of data, of which the source is WORLDCAT world library online bibliography of OCLC (Online Computer Library Center). OCLC, headquartered in Ohio in USA, is one of the world’s largest institutions of documents and information collection with data from more than 20,000 libraries around the world, which has a high degree of authority. In order to enhance the publishing houses’ overseas collection influence, the publishing house must enter the OCLC project database.

    Through the analysis of the OCLC project database, 80% of the Chinese books collected in overseas libraries come from the public libraries and the other 20% in the University libraries. In recent years the number of immigrants has been increasing in Chinese community, and the purchase number of Chinese books in the public libraries is synchronous growing.

    The public libraries serve as an inseparable factor to enhance the influence of overseas collection.

    In 2016, there were 18 kinds of Chinese books with the greatest impact on the world’s overseas collections, of which 1 was historical book, and the other 17 were all Chinese contemporary literature books. The Chinese contemporary literature books in overseas are becoming increasingly influential day by day, and people all over the world can understand the development of Chinese society through the books

    The OCLC project database conducts statistical analysis according to the influence of the books, and the donated books from the domestic publishing houses to overseas libraries cannot enter the OCLC project database, according to Li Guoqing, the director of the Ohio University.

    Based on the detailed analysis of The Influence Research of Overseas Collection Books from China, Shandong People’s Publishing House has got new understanding of the overseas books in the collection system, status, readers’ attention, and other aspects in a new area.

    In the future, Shandong People’s Publishing House will take this as an opportunity to continuously publish more excellent publications, enhancing the brand influence and promoting the celebrities and masterpieces to the world.